Travelling like a local with ‘Cool Cousin’ app

After being away for six months, we started to realise that we were seeing the same things as everyone else when we visited a new country or city. We wanted to know what it would be like to live in that city through the eyes of a local as opposed to seeing the places and sights outlined in every tourbook and website.

This led us to find Cool Cousin. It’s an app where ‘Cousins’ from cities around the world go on and create their own maps – pinning the best places to eat, drink, sight see and hang out in their home towns. The great thing about this is that you can explore the location through a local lens and find the hidden gems that you otherwise wouldn’t know about.

We ended up using ‘Cool Cousin’ during our time in Japan and South Korea and some of our best meals out and bars were found off this app.

If you want to explore a city through the eyes of a local then we would definitely recommend downloading this for your travels.

And if you have places you’d like to share, you can sign up to be a Cousin and create a map for others to enjoy.

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