5 tips for long term travel

You might be preparing for a big travelling trip and wondering what to expect. We’re sharing five tips from our experience for travelling long term.

  1. BE FLEXIBLE: we booked our flight out only and had a rough idea in our minds of what we’d like our route to be. We found that this mean we could be flexible with our plans. After four months in the heat and humidity of South East Asia we decided we needed a bit of time in a city. The next day we booked flights to Japan and South Korea. Those were two destinations which were not on our original agenda but ended up being one of the best parts of the trip.
  2. SAVE TOO MUCH: we saved for a year to fund our trip, but we also saved extra and put it on a separate card in case we needed it. We realized we were spending too much about mid-way through and we changed the way we traveled with this in mind. But having extra spends in place was a comfort and meant we could travel enjoying every moment rather than worrying too much about being over our budget. We wanted to enjoy our time without checking our balance every day so we scheduled a check in every month to see where we were with our spending. This won’t work for everyone though and there are some helpful apps out there where you can track your every day spending.
  3. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY: long term travel can be exhausting. There are always going to be moments where you feel a little down or unsettled with all the moving around. It can be hard communicating this as you are supposed to be having the time of your life. We learnt to listen to our bodies – on weeks where we were feeling exhausted from action packed travelling, we would take it a little slower, spending days in our room relaxing and watching TV so we could re charge for the next day. We’d also upgrade our room to a nicer hostel or even a hotel if we felt we really needed a good sleep and some space. It’s OK to slow things down when travelling, especially when you’re on the road for so long.
  4. TRAVEL YOUR OWN WAY: everyone travels differently and it can take a couple of weeks to settle into your travelling style. Try not to compare your experience too much to anyone else’s.
  5. SAY HELLO: hostels are great places to meet people from all around the world whilst travelling. We found that phones sometimes made it easy to not say hi or introduce yourself to the person having breakfast with you in the hostel or having a beer in the bar you’re in. But once you get used to doing it, you can end up meeting some really great people.

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