In recent months, we have been getting our travelling fix by eating our way through different cuisines from around the world from the comfort of our own home. During lock down, every Saturday we would create dishes from some of our favourite destinations – Japan, Sri Lanka and India to mention a few.

Hawaii was on our list of places which we were hoping to travel to this year. So we were excited to read about a new food delivery kitchen opening up in Chelsea, London today.

Calum Best and Georgia Salamat have joined forces with hospitality mogul Fraser Carruthers to launch a premium Hawaiian food delivery kitchen, called Poké the Bear. 

The new opening in the heart of Chelsea has been fuelled by the increased desire for quality food being delivered post-lockdown. Poké the Bear will be delivering sustainable and healthy Hawaiian dishes, known as poké bowls.

Poké bowls are one of Hawaii’s most popular dishes, traditionally consisting of diced raw fish, salad and a number of healthy toppings. 

Executive Chef and co-owner Georgia Salamat said: “My ethos is, the world is my kitchen and I wanted to really show this off with the menu. Health and nutrition play a large role in all our lives, so incorporating this was always part of the vision. We want to serve super healthy and nutritious bowls, without compromising on flavour.

Poké The Bear has adapted the Hawaiian concept of poké and used influences from across the world to ensure every flavour packs a punch, adding vegan options and a variety of nutritious recipes and side dishes on the menu too.

It’s delivery only (via Deliveroo and UberEats) and can be ordered within West London. 

For more information – https://www.pokebear.co.uk/

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