There can be a lot of admin involved with holidays, especially with longer term travel.

Whilst away on our six month backpacking trip around India and Asia, we picked up and discovered a few apps which were helpful and we wanted to share these with you.

These are all apps which we genuinely used and are not sponsored. They cover everything from great local recommendations, budget apps to help keep you on track with your spending and discount apps which help you book incredible experiences for a more affordable price.


Cool Cousin is a travel app which helps you discover a city or destination through the eyes of a local insider. It means you can connect with vetted locals who share your interests and then explore their favorite recommended city spots and activities.

Why is it so good? After a few months of being away, we were ending up visiting the same tourist spots as everyone else and not truly getting to see a city for what it is. We found Cool Cousin by googling where to find the best local recommendations.

It really came into its own in Japan and South Korea, where some of the best coffee shops and restaurants we visited all were via the app.


Klook is an online platform that gets you access to the best deals on unique travel experiences, tours, tickets and travel essentials

Why is so good? We were travelling for six months on a budget. Whilst we wanted to be mindful of our spending, we also didn’t want to miss out on experiences and doing the things we wanted to. We discovered Klook after searching for the best discounts in Hong Kong.

We ended up using the app throughout our trip as it was super easy to use. We saved a lot of money in places like Hong Kong where we got a great discount on Disneyland tickets and Japan. Proving that travel doesn’t have to cost the world!


My Travel Wallet enables you to input your spending in real time and keep on top of all thing money whilst away.

Why is it so good? Long term travel for us meant travelling without a regular income. We had lots of savings in place to get us through the trip but we did need to be careful with the amount we were spending to make sure we could see the full six months to the end.

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