What should I pack for a backpacking trip? What size backpack should I take? Which is the best brand to use? I had so many questions when packing for my first backpacking trip. It felt like a big responsibility to choose a bag and fill it with all the right things that I would need to take with me on my trip.


Where possible you should try and pack light. If you’re heading on a longer term travelling trip you will be heading on lots of flights, trains, buses and walks. Packing light means you can easily carry your bag with you and don’t have to worry about lugging a heavy weight around.


It sounds silly but packing the basics helps a lot – rather than packing the latest fast fashion trends have a think about what you will need whilst you’re away. We were travelling South East Asia so we were packing for hot weather conditions but also the monsoon season in some areas… This calls for t shirts and shorts which are durable and will last multiple washes, tracksuits for travel days, good trainers for all the walking and a rainproof mac. I also packed 2 dresses which I saved for special occasions and that made a big difference.


When you’re away for a long period of time and travelling on a budget it can be nice to have an item with you which feels like a treat. I packed a nice moisturiser and pillow spray as my luxury items. I also picked up a shower gel from Aesop part way through our travels as it was nice to have a constant when travelling and something nice as a treat when staying in hostels etc.


There are SO many brands you could choose to take with you on your trip. I personally have always travelled with Osprey. They are so durable and last for years. There is also a great variety from smaller hand luggage sized bags through to bigger cabin backpacks. I opted for a hand luggage sized carrier which was pull along. I’m only small and knew I didn’t want the stress of carrying the weight for six months – so being able to pull my small backpack was a big plus for me.


I thought it might be helpful to share my list of things which I took with me on my six month backpacking trip around India and Asia.

1 x rain coat

1 x tracksuit bottoms

1 x sweatshirt

5 x t shirts

1 x shorts

1 x denim skirt

1 x jeans

2 x nice dresses

1 x playsuit

4 x bikinis

1 x flip flops

1 x running trainers

1 x pair of vans

Packing for a backpacking trip can be overwhelming but remember if you do forget anything it is so easy to pick them up as you go. You can also switch things out along the way if things start to feel too worn and you fancy a change.

1 x daytime bag

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