Why you should take a sabbatical and travel

I have found people save experiences for special occasions. 

That big around the world trip being saved for retirement. 

The 30th birthday holiday of a lifetime. 

Our time is limited and we should spend it doing what makes us happy. 

Why do we wait? 

In 2019 Ryan and I got married in Spain. 

I don’t know when the decision was made but we ended up with a one way ticket to India   straight after the wedding. 

Instead of a honeymoon, spending thousands of pounds on an expensive resort, we opted for six months of travelling with hand luggage only around our bucket list destinations. 

Getting married was a significant part of our lives and seeing the world was the perfect way to mark and enjoy the time together. 

Long term travel is freeing. 

It is waking up in a hostel room in a new city that is waiting to be explored. 

Drinking a coffee in Ho Chi Minh planning where you’ll be going next. 

Spending hours walking around and exploring a new place. 

Reading a book on the beach in Sri Lanka, 

Having nothing to do but watch the sunset and planning your day around that. 

Upgrading from a hostel to a hotel room with a duvet in South Korea. 

Booking a flight spontaneously because you’re ready to see something new. 

Long term travel is unique because rarely do we get complete freedom to work on ourselves and to be together without pressures of daily routines and restrictions. 

It can feel daunting taking time out from the expectations of daily life and routines. 

When you return home and see not much has changed it makes you realise how much of a special experience long term travel is. 

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