All Photos Credit – Visit Hachinohe. 

Visit Japan’s Northern Frontier for coastal beauty, bustling markets and unique culinary traditions – this destination isn’t on the radar of many travellers but is worth a visit.

Hachinohe makes a great stop on the way from Tokyo to discovering Northern Japan. Easily reachable in under three hours via bullet train from Tokyo, Hachinohe will immerse you in Japanese culture from your moment of arrival.

Best Things to Do

Tatehana Wharf Morning Market: The morning market is held on every Sunday at Tatehana Wharf. It is also said to be the largest morning market in Japan. Arrive early as stalls run out fast.

Hasshoku Center: One of the largest markets in Japan, offering all the foods originating in Hachinohe. Browse the stalls piled high with just-caught produce, make your pick, then cook it on the charcoal barbecue in the centre of the market. 

Tanesashi Coast: The Tanesashi Coast is located in the Sanriku Fukko National Park, a designated place of scenic beauty. Stretching along the coast for 12km, the area is home to over 600 types of plants and visitors can discover the unique and diverse plant life from spring to autumn.

Japan is a bucket list destination for many. If you want to visit somewhere off the traditional tourist past then add Hachinohe to your list.


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